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Starship Troopers Traitor Of Mars (2017) Bluray 720p x264 - YIFY
M5 V9 A9
raf696 43, M, Poland
I'm a fan of CGI movies, unfortunately, I have to agree with "Thefilter". Voice acting suuuuucked. I could barely watch it. Storyline wasn't too engaging either, or maybe I just couldn't get into it because of those voices.
Animation is quite good though (except for few segments), and it was somewhat visually pleasing. but that will not save that movie... those voices were so fake, it's unbearable. Also considering it's a 2017 production, I would expect better emoting from the characters. They weren't horrible, but if you compare it to "Final Fantasy", they fall short, and FF was released in 2001
Torvill & Dean (2018)
M-- V-- A--
2 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
I don't feel like watching it, but I do remember even their starting position on their knees in that iconic Bolero programme. I was about 8 at the time. Funny what sticks to your mind, and yet, I can barely remember what I've done last week.
Mortal Engines 2018 720p HC HDRip x264 MkvCage
M7 V9 A9
3 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
A world a'la game "Final Fantasy 8".
I don't see it as the post-apocalyptic world, but a fantasy one, even though it says it's London. It just makes more sense.
Good acting, nice CGI, and interesting enough storyline, to make this flick worth the time spent watching it.
I've enjoyed it, and most people should too. Strong 7.
c - Alita Battle Angel (2019) English HDCAM-Rip - 720p - x264 - MP3
M7 V4 A2
4 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
wait for a better release.
Movie looks like it could be interesting. Love that big CGI eyes. Like in Japanese cartoons. Even storyline, based on the trailer, looks very Japanese. I may even watch it with this copy, 'cauz I've got nothing decent to watch.It would have made a good game, something like "Devil May Cry". (I'm actually surprised they never turn that into a movie. Would have been awesome. :) )Sound is really bad, hard to make out what they are saying.Annoying 1xbet ads during movie.
Just finished watching it and... disappointed really. Childish storyline, primitive even, some ridiculous roller derby game.A 6, maybe weak 7, only because of the good CGI and overall aesthetics.
Younger viewers should enjoy it much more than I did (teens).
The Man Who Stole Banksy (2018) WEBRip 720p x264 - YIFY
M-- V-- A--
5 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
No subtitles for parts in other languages (and there's a lot).
I just couldn't take how this Palestinian guy interpreted Banksy's message, that Banksy called Palestinians Donkeys. How ignorant can you be to think that?
While there could be many interpretations (well that's what art supposed to do), to think that it shows something so primitive as calling names... it's just beyond me... he should just go back to the gym.
Swallowed Souls The Making Of Evil Dead II (2011) BluRay 720p x264 - YIFY
M8 V9 A9
5 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
I was just a kid when I saw it. 8 maybe 10yrs old. Damn... I don't remember any humor in it... I WAS TERRIFIED. he he he... I remember I told my buddy about this movie, and he said he saw it too, and he said he couldn't sleep because of it. lol.
Those were the times. :)
High rating, but mainly because of the sentiment.
The Red Pill (2016) WEBRip 720p x264 - YIFY
M10 V9 A9
5 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
Great doc. Especially the part on parental rights. If I don't want kids, and a woman tricks me into having one, why do I automatically have to support her and a child for the next 18 yrs. Even if it means bankrupting me?
The Challenger Disaster (2019)
M-- V-- A--
6 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
Why did they make a remake of the same story from 2013, when the first one was quite good?
Robin Hood 2018 720p HC HDRip x264 MkvCage
M7 V9 A9
6 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
It's a fair watch.
I just don't get it... Are you guys rating out of 5 or out of 10 stars?
ConMan 2018 720p BluRay H264 AAC-RARBG
M6 V9 A9
6 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
Somewhat entertaining, nothing that will knock your socks off, but it can kill some time.
Try a free program called "unlocker". There will be an option to delete the file, if that fails, it'll give you an option to delete it at the next "restart". But it still may not work. I've had a file like that on my SD card... just couldn't delete it at all.
Last option is to boot into DOS, and do it manually.
The Panama Papers 2018 720p WEB-DL MkvCage
M10 V-- A--
6 days ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
One of the saddest, depressing "everyone knew that" documentaries in a while.
Why saddest? Because you just know that nothing will change.
Whistleblowers need protection from prosecution, as they are the only ones, who have a strong moral standing, to let us know when something is wrong. That would at least reign in those who do wrong. Just a fear, that someone may leak their wrongdoings, could have a substantial impact. But now, even if someone knows something, they are too afraid to say it.
The world is going to s#it anyways, so maybe it's too late?
Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald 2018 720p HDRip x264 MkvCage
M8 V9 A9
last week
raf696 43, M, Poland
So it's a Harry Potter movie. wouldn't have known about it.
I never liked Potter movies, I just don't like movies with children, but this one is the same thing, only with all adult cast, and I loved it. SFX are superb, acting great, and a nice storyline.
Anyone should enjoy it.
Hardcore Henry (2015) Bluray 720p x264 - YIFY
M6 V-- A--
2 weeks ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
It's for gamers really. You can in your mind cut it like "here's a cut scene", here's a basic training part, now this part is escape level, and now you need to go after the big cheese."
It reminds me a lot of the game "Mirrors edge", a free running kind of game, where you had to constantly run.
Loved the idea, the script just fell short.
Note how the cuts are well put together, as it was all one continuous shot.
Loophole (2019) WEBRip 720p x264 - YIFY
M3 V-- A--
3 weeks ago
raf696 43, M, Poland
horrible acting
Once Upon A Deadpool (2018)
M-- V-- A--
last month
raf696 43, M, Poland
Synopsis is totally for a different movie. It is a Deadpool 2 with gory stuff cut out.
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